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About Mat Pilates for EveryBODY

We believe that every BODY can gain value from Pilates. Mat Pilates for EveryBody is designed in a way that allows you to start with no experience and follow the prescribed classes to simply progress through the classes as you improve and are ready. You will be guided step by step to help ensure you perform the exercises safely and gain maximum benefit from each exercise. You will also receive a library with 80 different mat Pilates exercises to suitably challenge you or to focus on specific areas that you choose.

About Your Pilates Instructor

Maribel Gonzalez

I first found out about Pilates when I decided to get my qualifications as both Mat and Reformer Instructor in 2013. Back then, I didn’t really know the impact Pilates was going to have in my life both personally and professionally. Being a Personal Trainer, I have always been interested in teaching good form and technique to my clients, and the importance of having a correct postural alignment both inside and outside of the training sessions. Pilates has helped me have a deeper understanding of postural alignment and core strength and stability, as well as pelvic floor muscle strength and control. Now, I incorporate Pilates into all my training sessions and am ALWAYS focusing on correct posture. 

I have taught both Reformer and Mat since 2015 but, currently, I focus more on Mat Pilates. My personal preference is teaching Pilates One on One or Small Group Sessions. Teaching Pilates to me means my clients are able to learn the practice deeply, and understand the benefits of focusing on that mind-body connection Pilates offers. They are then being able to apply it in their lives outside their teaching lessons. There’s nothing that can stop you from practicing Pilates. It is suitable for all genders and ages. You will feel strong, flexible and in control of your body.  And Pilates is specially indicated for populations with poor pelvic floor muscle control.

Apart from Personal Training and Teaching Pilates, I spend my time volunteering for the homeless and fighting for animal rights. I practice Yoga and Vipassana meditation, enjoy being in nature and playing with my friend’s kids. I like to live a sustainable life and take care of our beautiful planet, Earth, it needs so much love and care from us humans.

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