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Online Mat Pilates Course

Stay active, fit and strong for your entire life with Mat Pilates.

For Beginner to Intermediate Pilates Students

You can work your way through the classes progressing as you feel ready. You will find the difficulty increases as you progress but you can progress when YOU are ready.

Lifetime Access

Course enrolment comes with lifetime access to all course materials, plus you’ll be protected by a 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee.

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Effective Online Mat Pilates Classes and Exercises

Are you struggling to make time to do your Pilates classes?

Do you find it difficult to get away from the house or office to visit your Pilates studio?

Do you need the flexibility to do your Pilates classes at anytime, anywhere?

Do you suffer from back pain or need to improve your posture?

Are you unsure of the technique to perform some Pilates exercises effectively and safely?

Whether you’re just getting started with Pilates or have some experience, this Mat Pilates course will help you develop and progress your practice in a structured, clear and concise manner. Practice in the comfort of your own home or office at anytime that suits you.  If you have specific postural problems or want to focus on particular areas of your body, there are specific programs included to help. Our program also provides step-by-step instruction in 83 different Mat Pilates exercises.

Mat Pilates helps you develop and maintain your Core Strength, Posture, Mobility, General Strength and Wellbeing.

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Welcome to Mat Pilates for EveryBODY!

Mat Pilates is low-impact resistance training and is a great way to stretch and elongate the muscles of the body as well as strengthen your body, primarily the muscles of the core, which span from your hips to your shoulders. It is also beneficial for muscular endurance and posture. Joseph Pilates developed this exercise methodology in the early 1900s, and it borrows from disciplines such as dance, yoga and classic calisthenics.

Mat Pilates is a series of exercises that are performed without equipment; all you need is a mat! Mat Pilates For EveryBODY will allow you to practice in the comfort of your own home or any other place that suits you and your schedule.

Our aim is to help you experience the freedom of movement that Pilates allows, resulting in improved posture and body strength in your daily life. To that end, we have created 13 high-quality, easy to follow, and effective Mat Pilates classes, guided by Maribel, one of the industry’s best teachers. 

You will also have access to 33 Mat Pilates specialist programs to focus on various parts of your body.

We have also included a library of 83 Mat Pilates exercises that you can study to ensure you are performing all exercises safely and correctly to get the best value for you.

Discover the benefits of a regular Mat Pilates practice from today with the help of our easy-to-follow classes.

About the Mat Pilates Program

Mat Pilates is an equipment-free workout that you can do anywhere. No matter what your current fitness level is, Mat Plates For EveryBODY can help you get started towards a fitter and stronger body. You will be guided through the essential exercises and techniques in a natural progression in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a mat!

You will have unlimited lifetime access to the program for a low one-off fee that is less than one-months membership at most Pilates studios or gyms.

Whether you’re new to Pilates or experienced, you can perform the classes taking modifications or more advanced positions as required.

Online Pilates for beginners
online pilates classes

How the Mat Pilates for EveryBODY Program Works

Follow the Class Program

You can work your way through the classes progressing as you feel ready. You will find the difficulty increases as you progress but you can progress when YOU are ready.

Select Your Preferred Specialty Program

Select one of the 33 specialty programs to focus on a particular area of your body.

Practice Individual Exercises

From the library of 83 Mat Pilates exercises, you can practice the exercises that you need at any point in time.

Meet Maribel, Your Pilates Instructor

Maribel has been a Pilates instructor since 2013 when she was given the opportunity to expand her knowledge-base from what she was using at that time as a personal fitness trainer. She become totally committed to what Pilates had to offer in helping her clients.

She is a huge proponent of using correct posture in all aspects of life and has seen how Pilates can help in achieving this.

Maribel helps her clients lead lives with improved mobility and posture with less aches and pains.

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Check out a Sample Class with Maribel Below

Here's What You'll Get With The Mat Pilates For EveryBODY Program

83 Mat Pilates Exercises

  • 83 Mat Pilates exercises with detailed explanations on how to perform each of the exercises to get maximum benefit in a safe and controlled manner
  • All exercises include recommended prescription for repetitions, speed of movement and suggestions to increase or decrease the intensity of each exercise

33 Mat Pilates Programs

  • 33 Specialist Mat Pilates Programs
  • Mat Pilates exercises are grouped to enable you to easily target specific body areas in the one workout
  • Programs included for the Abs, Core, Legs, Arms, Upper Body and Lower Body

13 Mat Pilates Classes

  • One Mat Pilates Fundamentals Class to help with your overall technique
  • 12 Mat Pilates Classes

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

I want to give you the opportunity to trial the Mat Pilates for EveryBODY program for 30 days so that you can experience how easy-to-follow and effective our program is. If you find that the program is not what you expected, we will refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.

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The Benefits of Mat Pilates

Mat Pilates is an energizing practice that focuses on toning, stretching and elongating the muscles of the body. It focuses on the core, or the “powerhouse,” as Joseph Pilates called it. The muscles that make up the core are essential in maintaining good posture and preventing injury. For example, a strong core helps protect your back and makes daily tasks much easier to perform. Mat Pilates may also help people who already suffer from an aching back. You should of course gain medical advice if you have any concerns about current injuries you have.

A strong core is imperative for athletes as it allows the body to move freely and efficiently and to exert more power with greater ease. Athletes of all descriptions including dancers, runners, football players, swimmers and cyclists all do Pilates in order to improve their performance.

Mat Pilates for beginners

Great Value for Pilates Students

If you wanted to do all of the classes included in this program at a Pilates studio, it would cost you $100’s of dollars not to mention the fact that you can repeat the classes anytime at no additional cost with this program.

Some online Pilates courses will charge you an ongoing monthly fee which can add up to a lot of money over time.

We want to keep it simple and affordable so when you join Mat Pilates for EveryBODY, you will get lifetime access to all of the course materials. No ongoing fees!

Plus you’ll be backed by our 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. If you don’t absolutely love the course, simply email us within 30 days and we will refund your entire purchase, no questions asked.

What Our Clients Say

The Mat Pilates for EveryBODY program was easy to follow, even for me as a beginner. The step by step instructions were great and I felt comfortable that I was doing the exercises correctly and safely.

I can highly recommend the program.

Amanda Green, Paddington

I love the progression and variety of the classes and how I can challenge myself as much as I want. The instructions are clear and concise and the convenience of doing my Pilates anywhere is great.

Thanks heaps!

Sarah Smith, Manly